List of Services

Retail, Resaturant and Corporate Services

Businesses who would like to partner with a nonprofit organization with the mission of waste diversion or environmental protection are encouraged to contact us. The Waste Not Want Not Salvaging mission is to: salvage goods, equipment, material and food, for re-use and recycling.  Items that are donated are repaired or repurposed to decrease landfill waste.  To make use of inventory that would normally be thrown away, please email us at 

Donated food is routed directly to families and facilities such as senior activity centers, homeless shelters and needy individuals who we have already identified.  Donations of expired foods or leftovers from restaurants feed hungry animals. Our goal is to prevent useful items from becoming trash before their time. 

Donations of personal products, such as soap, beauty supplies and laundry detergent take a  direct route to families and individuals who are economically disadvantaged. We can also reuse products like paint, cleaners, fertilizer and petroleum based products such as wood stain. 

Please see our legalities on the donating page for reassurance and more information. 

Assistance Finding a New Home

We can assist you in finding a home for your items. If you are a realtor or homeowner with a house full of keepsakes which you inherited, we can help you find a home for the household goods. Please don't call a junk hauler, call us. Construction remodel and demolition collaboration services are also available to reuse and repurpose building materials. 

If you have items that you would like to sell; we can help with that also. We generally charge $30 for advertising your item to a large network. 

If you have hundreds of items, such as persian rugs, art, books, jewelry, antiques or vintage records and furniture we can help sell them for 25% of the proceeds. 

If you have an entire house that needs a new home, we can possibly help you have a garage sale. 

Recycle Your Books 

Free! We’ll pick up your books and get them in the hands of people who can use them. It's Tax-deductible! We’ll provide you a receipt from a 501(c) charitable organization.  Call or text 415-323-3280 to make an appointment to have us pick them up. Same-day service is often available.

Repair & Restoration Services 

We can help with small restoration or repair services such as a toaster, microwave, plumbing fixtures, fabrication, metalworking and wood working.  

If an item doesn’t work – We can fix it. Once repaired or restored, you can keep it. Otherwise, items are distributed directly to those in need, or to other non-profits who provide safety net programs.  

Our service provides an expedient way for you to discard the items you no longer need. All donations are tax deductible and we can provide a tax deductible receipt along with the peace of mind in knowing your donation is going to a worthy cause.