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Waste Not Want Not Salvaging is a 501c3 non-profit organization that salvages goods, equipment, material and food, for re-use and recycling.  If it's defective, broken or expired we can use it. We can fix it. Those in need can have it. Or hungry animals can eat it.  Just before an item is thrown out, pause a moment and ask, "Is there a way this can be used?"  Please help everyone and the earth by setting it aside. You are an important part of helping the world. And all you have to say is: "Here Ya Go!  

Waste Not Want Not Salvaging is a non-profit organization 501c3 that provides a waste prevention service for the community and provides economically disadvantaged individuals with products and services they need for relief.  We carry out activities that relieve poverty and distress. The organization provides human services and goods related to disabilities, nutrition, and homelessness.

We salvage goods, equipment, building materials, tools, appliances, furniture and food, for re-use, redistribution and recycling for the benefit of our community. 

We can use items in almost any condition! If you aren’t sure if it works, just donate it and we’ll figure out how it can be put to use.

Food items that are expired go to our hungry animal friends.  Foods that are not yet expired go to families in need or food banks that serve our community.  Items that are defective, broken or well worn, can still be put to good use… We can repair, re-purpose or restore almost anything to be of service to someone. 

If an item doesn’t work, we can fix it. Even better, we can teach someone how to fix it.  Once repaired and restored, items are distributed directly to those in need, or to nonprofits that help those in need. 

In exchange for your donation you will receive a tax deductible receipt for the value of your donations.  You can feel good knowing you’ve kept something out of the landfill, helped someone learn a new skill by repairing or restoring items, and saved yourself some hard earned $$$.

Donations of expired foods and leftovers from restaurants feed hungry animals. Food that is fit for consumption can take a direct route to those in need and economically disadvantaged individuals.  Donations that are larger than we can distribute will be routed to a network of local food banks.  In every case our goal is to prevent waste and slow the depletion of resources. 

So, please, before you throw something out, take a moment and ask yourself, “Is there a way this could be used to help someone else?” Please help everyone and the earth, by setting it aside as a donation to Waste Not Want Not Salvaging. Contact us at the phone number or email listed below to schedule a pickup…

Contact: Jesse Owings Kaposi

Phone: 415-323-3280